Keeps you safe from scam calls

Elefend is the most effective protection service against live scam calls and robocalls. Elefend protects you while the call is taking place!

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Phone scams are a big problem in the US as acknowledged by:

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How it works


Elefend screens and monitors calls from numbers that are not in your contact list, from actual people and from robocalls

Analyzing and detecting

Using advanced technology, Elefend analyzes the risk of a potential scam while the call is happening


Once a possible scam is detected, Elefend intervenes in real time, preventing you from becoming a scam victim

Phone scams are a major problem in the US as acknowledged by:

We built Elefend because everyone deserves to feel safe

Elefend is a security company with a mission to help Americans fight phone fraud and scams. Elefend uses advanced technology to monitor and analyze phone calls while they're taking place so that scams are prevented before it's too late. Protect yourself and your loved ones from costly scams that threaten your finances, your wellness and your security. Get the peace of mind to confidently answer incoming calls.

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