Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elefend?

Elefend is a call protection software that screens and monitors calls from strangers (both actual people and robocallers) while they are happening, preventing fraud and identity theft.

How does Elefend work?

Once Elefend is set up, incoming calls from numbers not in your contact list will be forwarded to your dedicated Elefend number.

The caller is then notified that the call is protected and given the option to continue the call and speak with you. Callers that select this option will be connected to you through a safe, monitored call.

When a potential scam attempt is detected during the call, alerts will sound, a trusted party can be added to the call, and ultimately the call could be terminated.

Does Elefend monitor/forward all of my calls?

No. Elefend only monitors calls originating from numbers that are not in your contact list.
If someone from your contact list calls you, we have no way to access this call or its content.

You can stop Elefend's monitoring at any stage during the call even for numbers not in your contact list.

Can I stop the monitoring during the call?

You can stop Elefend's monitoring at any moment during a safe call. To do that just press *7.

Do I need to install an app?

In most cases you can set up Elefend without installing an app. We built Elefend with your privacy in mind, which means that we DO NOT need access to your contact list or call logs.

Does Elefend block robocalls?

Yes. Elefend stops robocalls completely. "Good" robocalls (appointment and prescription refill reminders, for example) will be sent to you via text messages.

Why is Elefend different from other spam screening apps?

Most other robocall blocking solutions warn you about spam robocallers but don't deal with "number spoofing". Number spoofing happens when a caller is choosing a number of his choice to be displayed in CallerID. With Elefend, scam/spam robocalls are screened 100%, live calls from strangers (actual people) are monitored, and when a possible scam is detected, Elefend intervenes during the call.

Will you replace my devices phone's dialer?

No, we will not. Your device will continue to operate normally.

Do I need the internet to access the service?

No, you do not need an internet connection to access the service.

How do I deactivate the service?

It’s very simple to deactivate the service if you need to.

  1. Deactivate 'Silence Unknown Callers' (unknown callers blocking):

    Simply turn off 'Silence Unknown Callers' in Settings -> Phone (for iPhone users)

  2. Deactivate 'Call Forwarding':

    AT&T - deactivation code: ##67#. Alternate deactivation code: ##004#, ##61#, ##62#

    T-Mobile - deactivation code: ##67#, ##61#. Alternate deactivation code: ##004#, ##62#

    Verizon - deactivation code: *73. Alternate deactivation code: *900, *920

    Sprint - deactivation code: *730, *740

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